Epic Butcher vs Magnus, 35 pts

Welcome to this first post which happens to be a Warmachine battle report of a game played last week at my friend’s new gaming room (That is not really a gaming room), illustrated by some rather poor pics made with my mobile phone.

I was playing an eButcher list as following:

Kommander Orsus Zoktavir
War dog
Iron Fang Uhlans (Leader and 2 Grunts)
Man-o-war Demolition Corps (Leader and 2 Grunts)
Kovnik Markov
Yuri the Axe

I wanted to test Kovnik Markov, so I went with Uhlans and for utilizing the feat choosed some hart hitting and durable models.

My friend played Four Star with Magnus as caster:
Magnus the Traitor
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
Steelhead Halberdiers (Leader and 9 Grunts)
Ogrun Bokur
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Stannis Brocker

I had the chance to go first and positioned myself as can be seen on the next picture.

Stanis and Ayana and Holt are hiding behind the building, while the steelheads were advancing on the right side of the forest with Rhupert in the forest.
I had to take some bad shooting damage on my Uhlans by the Renegade and Mule. Markov, with +3 Str -1 def on him, advanced behind the shack to engage Stanis and made some damage (about 3).
After that second round I noticed that my Butcher is quite out of the close combat action standing on the left so he had to position himself in the middle of the battlefield to make sense of his feat. Unfortunately I managed to only kill 4 steelheads (thanks to Rhupert’s tough). Not enough to get a good advantage through rage tokens, so I rather made a defensive use of them, by returning Beast to cover the Butcher and killing some more steelheads.
Stanis and Markov still fought an eternal struggle. Unfortunately my friend had slightly better dice rolls so after round 3 this fight was over.
After destroying most of the steelheads there were still the massive ‘jacks of my Mercenary opponent. Coupled with the impressive firepower of Holt, Mule and Magnus and quite a distance left, I figured out I’ll be getting into trouble this game.
I managed to get a charge to the Renegade but there wasn’t much left of my force, especially after losing Beast 09 by concentrated firepower.
So as the playtime was going to end we decided this was a clear victory for my friend. Congratulation.
To sum it up, I have to admit I need some more practice with eButch to make full use of his feat and other abilities. Aggressive playstile is essential and this game I lacked a lot of it. It was nevertheless a load of fun to play.

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