Short report: Steamroller tournament

Played in a small Steamroller event at my LGS yesterday. It was 8 players with 35 pts lists. Overall it was a real fun event. I had three games of bad luck and stupid mistakes of mine, but even finishing last I could leave with a big grin.

First game was Overrun against Trolls with eMadrak, 5 Long riders, 3 Champions, 2 Pyre Trolls, some other stuff and 10 Pyg Burrowers out of hell! I played Vlad with Beast 09, a Destroyer, some Greylords, 3 Demos, Mortar and a Drakhun. In the second round the Pygmies alone destroyed both of my heavy Warjacks completely. It was a mix of really good dice of my opponent and me totally underestimating the spell and animus pumped Pygmies in MkII. Even after that, I could stand for some more rounds, killing all the Longriders and Pygmies but with no chance to win this Scenario any more. In the end Vlad was killed in the control zone before time ran out.

Second game was against Cygnar with Kara Sloan and a lot of gunpower: 2 Defenders, Hunter hell a lot of Pistoleros of all sort and a squire. Scenario was Killbox and I chose Karchev. This list had the Behemoth, a Berserker, Devastator, 6 Mechanics, Widowmaker and marksman, Gorman and the Dog. With my mechanics failing to repair Karchev two times, me not putting him behind some heavy ‘jack screen and my opponent rolling some very high dice it ended with a caster kill in round 2. Second game, second loss.

The last one was the most funny game of the day. This one was Destruction against a friend’s Protectorate like in the last battle report. His list was like there with the Devout kicked out for Vilmon and a Hierophant. I took Karchev again. The terrain setting was quite interesting with the Scenario objectives each in a forest and a big building in the middle of the table. This match was great as it was a decision match who will be last at the end of the tournament. We needed the full play time, so everyone else was watching us at the end. Also it was a really close one as the damage made on the objectives had to determine the winner. As time ran out, my opponent had just made some more damage to my objectives than I to his. Both of our armies were quite decimated with only some choir, Severius, a crippled Reckoner, heavy crippled Revenger and the Hierophant left. I had a crippled Devastator, undamaged Karchev, Gorman and two Mechanics left.

So I took the 8th place out of 8 but had a real nice tournament day with great opponents and games and also a lot to learn ;). My first opponent won the tournament with his Trolls.


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  1. 5 Pyre trolls? That can’t be right! I guess its not surprising he won if thats the case, taking over 40pts to a 35pt tournie makes life easy, eh?

  2. Should be 2 pyres. I’ll correct it.

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