It’s a Boar…with a Gun

New preview of the Farrow miniatures from PP. This time it’s the Gun Boar, which imo looks even better than the art in actual No Quarter. You can look at it here:

Btw: Made a first play test with an almost completely proxied Thornfall Alliance army (the Farrows for those who don’t know). It was 35 pts against Deneghra tier 4 with Lord Carver, War Hog, 2 Gun Boars, full Brigands, full Bone Carver, Rorsh and Brine and Gudrun (not much choice at the moment). Had some very poor dice rolls and was wiped out after three rounds. Probably I need a lot more practice with the piggies. Also I’m missing some small based melee support (solo or unit) for the Farrows.


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