Acrylic Water Fail

I’ve added the acrylic water to the piece of terrain presented in this post and a lot has gone wrong with this as I will present to you in this post.

At first I have to tell you that I didn’t have full control over the choice of water-color. I borrowed an azure blue acrylic water gel and transparent water dispersion from a friend. While applying the blue acrylic gel to create the waterfall I was really happy how easy modelling with this works. During the status before drying the gel has a quite bright blue color and I was in hope that it would dry getting a nice transparency. But a day later the waterfall had turned into a rather dark blue one with only slight transparency. Nevertheless I decided to continue working on the terrain as the structure of the waterfall looked really nice.

Next step was to add the dispersion to the pond. During that step I noticed how stupid this was looking: like some blue waterfall of plastic stopping in a clear pond. Spontaneously I decided to drip some turquoise color to the area where the waterfall ends into the clear water before it dries. This was supposed to get at least the effect of a blue liquid running into a clear liquid. That looked still quite unrealistic but I was fine to live with it. Possible explanation, if anyone asks, might be a special blue fountain pouring into a clear pond fed by an underground source… or something like that. Well, there is magic everywhere in the Iron Kingdoms, isn’t it?

I parked the piece of terrain on my desk to let it dry another night. On the next day I noticed that a lot of the dispersion ran over the rim of the pond onto my desk. *grrr* And with a closer look I even noticed that a little bit of dispersion, colored by the turquoise color, had found a way beneath the rock to the edge of the terrain’s base. Also the base was quite bent so the dispersion was located at the rim of the pond with leaving most of the sand open in the middle of it. So almost everything that could have gone wrong with this piece of terrain has gone wrong.

Nevertheless I’m going to finish it anyway. Adding some static grass and small bushes will cover the dispersion flood, and the unrealistic blue waterfall will be explained as the special feature of this magic fountain *cough*. But see for yourself:


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