Casters that complement your playstyle

After my last game with eIrusk, whom I haven’t played for a while, I realized that there seem to be some ‘casters that I’m just not that good at playing. Somehow all this infantry spamming around while trying to take the tactical toolbox eIrusk provides to best use is not my style of play.

Especially after playing some games with Lord Carver and his Farrows I started thinking about how the different casters fit to my playstyle and how well I compete with each of them. I have figured out that there are some differences and some of them just feel more natural to play with regarding my personal favour of tabletop gaming. So with this post I will explain which of the Khador warcasters complement with my playstyle and which don’t.

These ones won’t work very well:

Epic Irusk:

I really like his model and his rules on the card, but every time I choose him for a game I really can’t make the best of his abilities. There is far more racking my brain over my army’s movement and positioning than I like. He is just more complicated to use than I wish him to be.


Similar to eIrusk but I have to admit that I don’t play him very often.


You may wonder what’s wrong with him as I stated I would like to have a more uncomplicated type of caster. Probably with the Butcher it’s just too much straight forward punch in the face. It’s just that I’m to cautious to play him as aggressive as would be necessary. Also I don’t own the model as it seems quite redundant to Orsus who definitely looks meaner. Oddly enough I enjoy playing his epic version a lot.


Only had two or three games with her and I like the idea of having a support caster for Winterguards. Nevertheless not completely my favour. Maybe I should giver her another try.


That one really is a pity. I really like her rules and the basic idea of this spellcaster but still haven’t managed to use her properly. She seems to be on the weaker side of all casters and her feat is quite difficult to put to proper use. There is a lot about timing when playing Zerkova which is not that much my style of play.

An those work very well and offer a lot of fun:


This one is one of my favourite Khadoran casters. At first I like his randomized Focus stat. That is probably caused by my history as a Warhammer Orcs&Goblins player. I really appreciate first throwing some dice and start planning after that. Additionally Orsus has a nice toolbox of different spells and abilities that makes everything work quite well in his army. Also he is a great ‘jack supporter, which I like.


Not that easy to play anymore in MkII but he still offers great flexibility and supports his whole army.


He is the more difficult to play version of Vlad. This makes him also more interesting to play in my opinion. He also has good support for his army and can be really tricky to kill.


As my first caster of the game this is probably more favoured by nostalgia than by playstyle. Nevertheless I really like playing a tier list with Sorscha.

Old Witch:

So different to play compared to the other casters. I like that idea of having a personal ‘jack that is also the only arcnode Khador has. Definitely one of my favourite casters.


Also a very special one. A lot of ‘jacks on the field? Yeah, support it. I really like fielding a lot of  ‘jacks so this caster absolutely fits.


The newest one in the bunch. As a big fan of the Assault Kommandos, I’m fielding him quite regularly. His feat and spells are impressive.

After summarizing the likes and dislikes of all the Khadoran casters I figured out some sort of scheme regarding my playstyle. I need a supportive caster who doesn’t necessarily has to fight at the foremost front. The more tricky ones are prefered over the straight forward casters. One thing that doesn’t complement with this scheme is that I like playing the Farrows that much. Probably that is ’cause they are all made of bacon. 😉


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