Slow progress – starting a paint log

Even using speed painting techniques on my miniatures, my painting progress seems to be real slow. Actually I have a Gun Boar and six Bone Carvers on my desk which I started almost three weeks ago and still aren’t finished.

After some pondering about this, the suspicion rose that I am not investing that much time into painting at the moment. But to be honest I can’t really tell. I often have some real short painting sessions, like 15 minutes in the morning before leaving to work. On other days I manage to paint two hours constantly. Between that there are often a couple of days without any painting. So I don’t have any clue how long one of my figures needs to be painted.

This is the reason I’m going to start a painting log for myself. The log will include day, start and end time of the session, the models that got colour and some rough notes about the progress. By that I hope to get some information about how long it takes for me to finish a miniature with different techniques. Maybe that raises my painting motivation. Wish I already had done it for this guy.


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