Minions & Mercs vs Trolls – Battle Report

This will be the first battle report with my Farrows participating. I played a nice game this week with three friends of mine. We paired up Mercs (Searforge) and Minions (Thornfall) against Trolls (with 2 players). Each player had 35 points to spend. After throwing the dice our Mercminion side got the starting turn.

As the game happened some days ago and I probably can’t remember every fine detail, I will spare some words and instead post many pictures. This is the setup of our side:

There was with the Farrows: Lord Carver, 2 Warhog, 1 Gun Boar, Rorsh and Brine, full unit of Brigands and full unit of Bone Carvers. The Dwarves fielded Madhammer, 1 Basher, 1 Blaster, Herne & Jonne, full unit of Forgeguard, Gudrun, Ogrun Bokur, Artillery and Thor with 1 Avalancher. The Forgeguard are hiding behind the building on the picture.

Let’s take a look at the opposite side:

I hope I get it all right. There was Borka, 1 Mauler, 1 Axer, 1 Slag Troll, full Champions, full Krielstone + Elder, Champion Hero and Swamp Gobber for one player. The other one fielded epic Hoarluk, 1 Mauler, 1 Axer, 1 Earthborn, Mulg and full Krielstone.

First round was advancing and casting the typical spells. The picture above has been taken at the end of round 1. I placed Quagmire on the Bone Grinders and used Mobility to get speed. The Earthborn and Hoarluk are hiding behind the building on the right. The Trollbloods had a lot of armor by different effects. After that round it looked like I can get a charge on Mulg with the unpainted Warhog (this one is the half primed model in the background).

Unfortunately the Blaster could get a shot at Hoarluk, which seems great in first place. But with taking out not that few health of Hoarluk Mulg was able to reposition and attack by Mulg’s Protective Fit. So I couldn’t charge Mulg. Gudrun and the Bokur tried to sneak into the Troll’s back on our left flank.

On the picture above you can see the spot where Durgen stood until the second round. Right between Mulg and the Avalancher. So what had happened? Somehow Mulg started some sort of super movement and could get to Durgen while killing some Bone Grinders. And with Mulg in melee probably no ‘caster is able to continue the game. My companion decided not to give up but to continue the fight so we didn’t have to stop at this point. But our chance for victory lowered a lot.

so this was at the end of round 2. Heavy warbeasts into our face. Guess what’s happening next (our turn).

Yes, I used my feat. One Warhog killed Mulg and Brine killed the Mauler. The hog-wild Brigands made some good damage on the Earthborn. The Dwarves shot a good hole into Hoarluks Krielstone unit.

What I didn’t see was the easy trample opportunity for the Earthborn that killed almost a whole unit of Brigands by that. Wish I had Quagmire on them. The Champions killed most of the Forgeguard. In the right background the Trolls had some problem with Gudrun and the Bokur as the backening Hero didn’t kill them. Borka is hiding below the “Murder of Crows” which obviously is the Swamp Gobber’s cloud.

My Warhogs made some cross movement and one killed the Eartborn. So Hoarluk was left with only one Axer. I forgot to move any of the quagmired Bone Grinders into contact to lower defense, but it didn’t make any difference against the Trolls.

The next picture is the last one.

So after the Troll’s turn we decided to give up. My painted Warhog was killed by the Mauler and even with the other one still undamaged, we couldn’t see a chance to win with so much lost.

It was a great game. The Searforge wasn’t that much lost after Durgen’s death since the Avalancher was marshalled. I was impressed again how brutal the Farrows can be. They killed three heavy Troll warbeasts this game before getting serious damage.


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