Paint Log – first evaluation

After almost a month I am doing the first evaluation of my painting log I talked about here.

I am not able at the moment to tell how long one of my Farrow miniatures needs to be finished but there are some other interesting insights. It looks like applying the washes to one Bone Carver took me about 27 minutes. For adding the washes to the Gun Boar I needed 49 minutes. So there is an obvious difference by the miniature’s size and I consider these durations to be rather short.

Additionally I analyzed when I did the painting sessions and how long they have been. I tend to have rather short sessions with 11 minutes in average. Most of the days I will paint about 8 to 20 minutes in the morning before leaving to work. Rather late in the evening I often paint for about 15 to 25 minutes often in two or three even shorter sessions. On weekends I spend almost no time painting. During the 20 days of the evaluation I painted a total time of 5 hours and 18 minutes. This is only 16 minutes per day.

So it looks like that my slow painting progress results from me not investing a lot of time into painting. These 5 hours I painted within 20 days other people probably paint in one session. I didn’t realize until now that I actually do almost no painting at the weekends. Maybe I could try to paint some more on those free days.

I am still interested in how long it takes to complete one modell from the beginning. So I will continue logging my paint sessions.


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