Five player mayhem

Last week we had a very nice gaming evening at my living room. Unfortunately we were five player, which in first place led to trying out hexagonal gaming board for three players. The other two played a one on one match on my common gaming table.

The hexagonal board, that is originally the base plate of my daughter’s playpen, was a little bit small in size, so we decided to play a three player free for all with 15 points and mangled metal / tooth and claw rules. I played standard piggie battlegroup (Carver, 2 Warhogs, 1 Gunboar) and the game went really fast. The other two players fielded eStryker with a Stormclad and Ol’ Rowdy and Magnus with a Renegade, a Mule and a Mangler.

Simultaneously there was a battle Circle versus Cryx going on on the other table. This 35 points sized battle also was quite short, so we decided to play something funny after that first gaming round. So we all sat around the common square board, which was thick with terrain, and everyone, including our one spectator, placed a token somewhere on the table but at least 12” apart from another token. After that we rolled dice to figure out the starting order and the players chose one of the token to place there 15 points Battlegroup within 3” of it. This game was so much chaotic and fun that we are going to repeat it once it happens to be five players again.

Let me give you an impression of the games in the pictures below.

3 player game after round one

2 player game

Stryker goes all-in but is killed afterwards

Last actions of the two player game - Cryx won

Deployment of the 5 player game

Deployment of the 5 player game

Stryker goes all-in again and dies afterwards by...

...the Gunboar. Carver and the Circle guy going close combat

The Stoneman threw the Frankenpig

And now he takes the Mangler and...


So finally Carver is going to die. In the end Magnus' Mercs won again.


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  1. Lustig!
    Wir (ich!) sollten viel mehr bemalen. Bei so Schlachtberichten mit Bildern macht das schon mehr her.

    Ps: Seit wann verwürfelt Wolff nicht mehr seine Spiele, sondern gewinnt? 😉

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