New Guy in Piggie-Town

Here comes Dr. Arkadius!

Finished to assemble him today, now he is ready to get painted. I am still not quite sure how I like his rules. He seems to be a decent beastmaster. Especially his feat can leave a big mess on the battlefield if used at the right time. Also his spells provide a nice toolbox enhancing his Warbeasts and weakening the opponent. But his melee attack feels very situational if not useless in most of the games. One wound models will just die, if hit with Arkadius low MAT, and the effects won’t make any difference. I only see some use in charging a living multiwound model at the right time two make use of Anesthesia or Mind Control or charge an unaware enemy caster/lock to use Brain Damage.

This is a 35 points Tier 4 list I will probably give a try soon:

Dr. Arkadius     +6

3 Warhogs     21

2 Gun Boars  10

Min Brigands          5

Full Bone Grinders 3

Min Bone Grinders 2

There are a lot beasts, as Arkadius is a Warbeast focused ‘lock. The Bone Grinders can give him additional spell range and some meatshield which can be helpful to keep Arkadius alive. The Brigands will probably mainly attack units under Crippling Grasp as they are lacking Carvers CRA. I hope the new Minion book will provide some different Farrow Warbeasts to get some variety.


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