First Game Doc Arkadius

This week I played my first game with Doc Arkadius and his massive pigs. List was a tier 4 list with 3 Warhogs, 1 Gunboar, full Brigands, full Bone Carvers and a Razorback crew. The list was one point short as I didn’t like to use two proxy models. Next game I would change to two min units Carvers to have an additional chance to extend Arkadius’ spell range. The game was against MacBain with 1 Mangler, 1 Mule, 1 Nomad, full Halberdiers, Ogrun Bokur, Gorman, Rhupert, Stanis and Hawk.

As I expected, Arkadius is quite difficult to play. Especially timing is a big issue. There is almost no chance to speed up your Beasts in the midgame except with his feat which is difficult to use at the right time. So I ended up feeding one of the Warhogs to a Failsave Mangler and countercharging with only one P+S 20 pig that couldn’t destroy him. I should have used Arkadius’ feat at that time but wanted to wait for some obscure reason.

What is quite difficult with Arkadius is to use crippling grasp. You have to get quite close to the enemy even with extended range which is not a good plan for this ‘lock. At least Arkadius usually doesn’t has to worry about fury during the game which is great.

I also miss the CRA on the Brigands with Lord Carver. With Arkadius they do have a lot difficulties to hit targets like Steelhead Halberdiers.

In the end I lost this game with almost my whole army destroyed. Didn’t make much trouble in exchange. So next game has to become better.


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