Building a Carver Tier 4 List on 35 Points

"Me only needs my Farrow to win!"

After trying out Dr Arkadius’ theme list on tier 4 I want to build a tier 4 list for Lord Carver for the 35 points level. Let’s have a look on the requirements and benefits of every tier and comparethe list to the Thornfall Alliance pact. I am going to fulfill each requirement before adding some extra models with the remaining points.

Tier 1:

Requires only Farrows in the army – well, that’s not a problem at all. Brigands’ FA is set to U and only one of  unit of Brigands or Razorback gains AD. That’s not that good compared to a pact list but can be sufficient on smaller point levels like 35 points.

Tier 2:

Army includes Rorsh and Brine – that’s fine with me. I really like these guys. First benefit, pathfinder during first turn, is great. The second benefit on the other hand is quite difficult to get into a 35 points list. So at first I will only put Rorsh and Brine into this list and wait for some four points left for a Gunboar in Rorsh’ battlegroup.

Tier 3:

Two or more Brigands – Okay. Let’s put two min units in the list for now. What’s the benefit? Oh, great! Brigands are one point cheaper. That’s probably the biggest advantage of Carver’s theme list. The Brigands are an excellent choice for Carver as he grants them fearless and CRA. So it’s really awesome that they are cheaper to get with tier 3. By now the list would look like:

  • Lord Carver+6
  • Rorsh and Brine 9
  • 2 min units of Brigands 8

And there are 18 points left at the moment but Lord Carver’s battlegroup is missing. Let’s have a look at tier 4.

Tier 4:

Here comes the battlegroup that should include 3 or more Warbeasts. I will use my standard battlegroup for Carver which proved quite well during previous games with the Thornfall Alliance. For that I will get Advance Move for Carver’s battlegroup. Not that bad, especially in combination with Mobility. So this is the actual list:

  • Lord Carver +6
  • Warhog 8
  • Warhog 8
  • Gunboar 5
  • Rorsh and Brine 9
  • 2 min units of Brigands 8

There are only 3 points left to spend. So no chance to use the tier 2 benefit of cheaper Beasts in Rorsh’ battlegroup. For a first test I would like to add a Razorback crew. Final list:

  • Lord Carver +6
  • Warhog 8
  • Warhog 8
  • Gunboar 5
  • Rorsh and Brine 9
  • 2 min units of Brigands 8
  • Razorback Crew 3


This looks like a decent list to try out Carver’s tier 4 at 35 points. Compared to the Thornfall Alliance I loose two AD but save 2 points and have pathfinder for all on my first turn and Advance Move. That looks like a good deal. The tier 2 benefit of cheaper Warbeasts for Rorsh will probably never matter on games smaller than 50 points.

I will report how this list works.


Posted on February 26, 2011, in List building and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Marcus Schröder

    Your list sounds tasty, like a lot of bacon 😀
    Advanced move for slow Warbeasts is a very good advantage.

    I’d love to face this force very soon.

  2. Hi Tcstyle,

    How was the test of your list?, maybe you should change the Razorback by Maximus.

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