eVlad vs pAsphy – League Game (with Pictures)

At the moment our local gaming group is running a small casual league. Everyone can make one game against each other player using steamroller 2011 scenarios. We are using bonding rules. If there comes a longer league break with no games the league will be stopped and a final free for all game with the best three or four players will be held to declare the overall winner.

In this context I had a second 35 points league game this week against Cryx with Asphyxious. I played eVlad, 1 Destroyer (first game survived with eVlad), 1 Spriggan, Wardog, Doom Reavers + UA, min Assault Kommandos + 1 WA, Drakhun and Manhunter. My opponent played Asphyxious, Cankerworm, 2 Deathripper, Nightmare, Skarlock, max Bloodgorgers, Slaughterborn and the Withershadow Combine. The Scenario was Closed Quarters.

Here comes a picture after first round’s positioning:

In the Second turn of Cryx there was more swarming around and some acidic cloud effects lying in my way:

Thanks to Vlads spell and the Spriggan the clouds didn’t bother me and I went for the charge with Vlad’s feat on most of the Doom Reavers and the Drakhun. I killed most of the Bloodgorgers. This gave me quite an aggressive position but no control point yet for anyone:

The revenge was brutal. But the Greylord Escort prevented Cryx from scoring:

Next turn I could score a control point and destroy the annoying Cankerworm:

Unfortunately the batteries of my camera went low, so the last two pics doesn’t look that good without flashlight. One of the “Wait, what are they doing?!”-moments happened to me as I didn’t remember the Withershadow’s ability to create a Cryx ‘jack. The Slayer on the picture is supposed to be a Seether just created from my Spriggan. Still 1:1 regarding control points.

This action decided the game. There was no chance left for me to prevent Cryx scoring their missing control point. Cryx won by scenario:

All in all a great game. Nevertheless, I am still waiting for my first victory in our league. I have to roll for Bonds before the next game. maybe I have some luck.



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  1. Marcus Schröder

    Nice pictures, as always. I also didn’t score a win in our league yet. 😀

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