My Child Is Abducting My Miniatures

The title is a bit exaggerated as it was only one miniature missing. Here is the story:

O torso where are thou?

Before one of the last gaming evenings I was looking for the miniatures I needed for my list. I have one magnetized Khador heavy plastic kit that is still unpainted and stored in a drawer with the other unpainted models. So I took a look into the drawer where it should be waiting and there was just all the arms and heads in a box but no torso. Unfortunately I have shown my 1,5 years old daughter the content of this drawer some time ago. So after looking at the other places I store my miniatures I suspected my daughter to have picked up the torso from the unlocked drawer and put it at some strange place I couldn’t imagine. I started to look at some possible locations like below the couch or behind the locker. But still no sign of the torso. As my wife wasn’t available at that time, I couldn’t ask for any hints. So I already started to think about getting some substitute for the torso (without buying a new box set) like one of the old metal jacks.

As my wife was back again I asked her if she had any hints. Yes, she knew what happened: my daughter had picked up the torso and broke it apart (base, legs, body separated). So my wife just hid it to glue it together at the next opportunity without getting to my attention. Obviously that opportunity came to late.

So here is a question to you readers who also have children. How do you secure your miniatures. I have a lockable display cabinet for the painted ones but thought it is enough to store the unpainted ones in an unlocked drawer. Evidently it’s not.


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  1. Oddly enough, I’ve never had to. Neither of my kids touch the contents of my desk without my permission, so there are constantly paints, brushes, tools, and a selection of WiP’s in plain reach – it just never occurs to them to mess with them.

  2. My 18 month old daughter can just barely reach my drawer of paints, but she tends to stay away from them unless she wants attention while I’m sitting at my desk.

    As for the rest of my mini’s they are either on the shelves of my desk that are too high for the kids to reach, or they are stored in my basement. My 5 year old son is allowed to play down there mostly unsupervised, but he knows not to touch my stuff without asking. He has a few older plastic models that he can play with and has messily painted, but that’s it.

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