Slaughterhousers – What to expect?

Maybe I am a little late with this post, but finally there is a preview of the Farrow Slaughterhousers at PP’s site. I really was waiting for some melee support for my Farrows and it looks like there it is.

"Cut them into small pieces!"

So here are some rulewise assumptions based on the pictures and text of the Slaughterhousers:

  • they most probably will have reach with their weapons; weaponmaster also seems likely
  • they are described as quite tough, so stats of DEF 12 (as all Farrow warriors) and ARM 15 (a little higher than average) are probable; tough and/or some ARM buff could be appropriate
  • I guess there SPD will be an average 5 for Farrows
  • some Farrow-like special rule would fit quite well; maybe relentless charge would come in handy

So these are all just pure speculations and perhaps I’m absolutely wrong. Let’s see what time will reveal.


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