Lord Carver vs Magnus – Hellhole scenario

Last sunday I had the opportunity to play a scenario I have been eager to play since I first read its rules. It’s the Hellhole scenario from PP’s 2009 Call to Arms league which can be found here. This scenario is about a growing sinkhole in the middle of the battlefield. You can win the scenario by getting into the opponent’s half without letting him into yours.

I played a Lord Carver tier 4 list and my opponent went with Magnus Four Star. Here are the lists (35 points):

  • Lord Carver, 2 Warhogs, Gunboar, Rorsh and Brine, 2 min units of Brigands, Razorback crew
  • Magnus, Mangler, Nomad, Renegade, full Halberdiers, min Steelhead Riflemen, Rhupert, Hawk, Gorman, Stannis

I started the game. Here are some battlefield impressions with a short report in the captions:

My set up. At this time indecisive about leading my battlegroup left or right side around the sinkhole that is marked with stones.

His setup. Massive Steelheads on his left flank. Battlegroup to the middle.

After the first round. The hole is growing. Looks like my right flank will not withstand.

Letting the Warhog fall back and shooting with the pigs. Only two Steelheads killed. *sigh*

And there they break through. Magnus used his feat to get into this close position. Sinkhole looks quiet impressive.

Destroyed the renegade. Thought about throwing it into the hole, but didn't. The Warhog on the right just ran. Ready to get killed. Rorsh and Brine are preventing loss by scenario.

This is after the Merc's turn. He threw everything on the Warhog but failed important dice rolls. Magnus tried the final blow but the Warhog is still standing. So...

...final pic of the 'caster beside a fully functional enemy Warhog. Golden Horde wins by casterkill!

That was a great game. The scenario is quite fun and difficult to play. You have to consider the growing sinkhole every turn which also eats the terrain. So freeing chargelanes to consider! Also it’s important to decide who is going to which flank as the center is no option and the goal is to break through to the other half. Btw, only one model, a brigand, disappeared.


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