Heavy Coach as a Birthday Present

So this was one of my birthday presents I got two weeks ago. Now I’m pondering how to remove this absurdly big burr on the chassis (the plate on the bottom side). As the toxicity of resin dust is stated everywhere I don’t want to saw or grind it away. Does anyone know if cutting resin with a common sharp knife is possible?


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  1. My understanding is it is the resin dust that can be an inhalation danger. So a cheap cloth-like painters mask should suffice for protection. Probably like a buck or two for a three-pack at hardware store. I think sanding and sawing would be the methods that produce the most dust, so would advise a mask for those.

    For larger resin parts that needed cutting away, a sharp exacto should work if the piece is relatively thin (like “flash”). I’ve used clippers on larger pieces (like “sprue”). At worst, I clipped most of a sprue off then “whittled” away at the rest with exacto, that lessens the dust by producing large shavings.

    Kudos on the cool b’day gift. Good Luck!

    • If you carry out the sanding etc in a well ventilated location, preferably outside, you should be fine even without a mask. Resin dust is only really a major risk if you are doing a great deal of sanding or are doing it somewhere with poor ventilation.

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