First Game with Slaughterhousers and Targ

"What a mess!"

Played a game of Warmachine/Hordes after some months only playing Firestorm Armada. I wanted to test my Slaughterhousers and Targ which haven’t been on the battlefield before. The Slaughterhousers were an epic fail, dying in the first two rounds by massive Cryx spells and shooting and doing nothing else. Targ was rather useful with his Auxillary Attack on my Gunboar. Actually the list I (mainly, 2 on 2 game) faced was pretty tough with eSkarre, Deathjack, full Revenant Crew and stuff. In the end I lost by caster kill without doing that much damage even with Lord Carver’s feat.


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  1. Just curious, how did you try to deliver the Slaughterhousers up the field and into combat?

  2. Rather flanking, away from the Revenants and Rengrave towards a chicken and Leviathan. I didn’t have eSkarre’s spell in mind to lower Def and get a free shot. Even suceeding a lot tough-rolls there was no chance to save the Slaughterhousers. Next time with this setup they will be second wave and the Warhogs up front.

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