Harkevich vs Damiano – Pictured Report

I played a game of Warmachine on Staurday with my Khador against a Four Star Mercenary list at 35 points. This was my opponent’s list:

  • Damiano, Mangler, Nomad
  • Steelheads: 10 Halberdiers, 3 Heavy Cavalry, 6 Riflemen, Stannis
  • Ogrun Bokur, Reinholdt, Rhupert Carvolo

My list:

  • Harkevich, Black Ivan, Decimator
  • Great Bears
  • Widowmakers
  • Greylord Ternion, Koldun Lord
  • MoW Demo Corps

It was the first battlefield appearance of the papercraft buildings. I even built an sporadic wall as terrain (yet unpainted) just before the game, that was quite helpful in the lategame. Below comes a short report of the outcome in the captions of the pictures.

Initial setup. The plastic Mercs were originally Warhammer Imperials. Our gaming group is totally okay with conversions like this.

First round advancing, casting upkeeps. Mainly Mobility for Khador, Vengeance on the Halberdiers.

Contact! My Widowmakers shot some Riflemen. I lost one MoW to the cavalry. The cavalry was my biggest concern at that time of the game. Had to get rid of the Halberdiers, too.

Greylords with Fortune are great for clearing infantry. Not much of the Halberdiers left after round three. After that Damiano's feat was up and running. So I expected some beating.

The Mercenary 'jacks came in quite hard. The Decimator had crippled Cortex and Right Arm after the feat round of Damiano. Two of the Greatbears are just going to get smashed.

Couldn't do that much damage this round with Damiano's feat up. Was lucky and also didn't lose that much.

This was the time for Harkevich's feat. The winter dwarf in the background is a proxy for Reinholdt, btw. The Greylords cleared some stuff.

Finally the Decimator went down. Was on just one box the round before.The two Mercenary 'jacks are almost undamaged.

As you probably expected, I went for the casterkill. And it worked! Win!

It’s a little exaggerated to say it was my plan to bait the ‘jacks on the right to free the way to Damiano. Nevertheless it worked quite well.


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