Battle Report: eFeora vs Witch Coven

For some variety I played a game with my wife’s few Protectorate models this week against a friend’s Cryx. My list was:

  • eFeora, Vanquisher, Revenger, Repenter, Devout, Daughters of the Flame, min Temple Flameguard with UA, full Choir, Vassal, Rhupert

I had some concerns about dealing with heavy armoured targets like the Deathjack, not knowing what my opponent would field. The list he brought was:

  • Witch Coven, Deathripper, Nightwretch, Scavenger, Stalker, full Blood Witches + UA, full Soulhunters, Darragh, Scrap Thralls, Warwitch Siren

That’s a tier 2 list so the Soulhunters started with one token. I was quiet relieved that this list lacked the heavy targets. Here are some impressions of the game with comments on what was happening:

This picture shows the beginning of round 2 with the Protectorate starting. I already took out one Soulhunter on the hill with a shot of the Vanquisher. My Daughters of the Flame were trying to sneak around the left flank which is just outside the bottom of this picture. This plan is threatened by two Scrap Thralls, one can be seen in the ruins.

This was the end of my second turn. The witch coven was hiding behind the coachhouse on the left. I had a tough time setting anything on fire without killing it. The only model burning at that time was one Soulhunter (with the red token).

One of the Scrap Thralls did his job and killed to Daughters. The Vanquisher got wrecked by Soulhunters with spell support (lowered armor).

The Daughters of the Flame made their way around the building, threatening the Witch Coven. The Coven was about to pop the feat but most of the Protectorate is yet outside the control area.

Feora was up front, hiding behind the Devout. That later proved not to be the best idea. Can you spot the Scavenger hiding in the forest? I popped Feoras feat but only had two fire tokens in her control area. At least enough bonus focus to cripple the Stalker with my Repenter in the blurred background. The Blood Witches went to ghost form.

That’s what ended the game. The Devout was slammed over Feora and the Scavenger finished her.


Not the prettiest game. I had trouble having fire tokens remaining in game without killing stuff immediately what made epic Feora quiet difficult to play. The Daughters of the Flame worked well forcing the Coven to leave cover. One round later I would have had a good chance to get into melee with the Coven with various stuff.


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