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Gun Carriage – Finally Assembled

After having this thing mainly in his box unassembled the last months, I found the time to glue it together. This is a really impressive model and quite heavy even with all the resin. Painting it probably will give me some cramps. The second picture shows my solution for getting to difficult to reach spots for painting while enabling early playability with the model on its base. (Click images for bigger versions)


Full Metal Ivan – Size Comparison

Based on the comments of my last post, I’ve made a comparison shot of the full metal Black Ivan and the Khador plastic heavy. The classic chassis is a lot smaller but looks quite sturdy.


Full Metal Ivan – Part 2

Assembly finished! I like it so far. Looks a little like the proportions are wrong with the big fist. But this lies an extra emphasis on its special fist, so it’s fine. I went with minimal manipulation of the classic Destroyer chassis (minimal sawing, no Green Stuff/putty). The additional pieces fit fine.

Project: Full Metal Ivan

After a summer break that’s been much longer than intended I’m back at my desk for some miniature projects. Here is one of them: “Full Metal Ivan”.

As I’m one of the few persons not that happy with the look of the Khador plastic ‘jack kit, I plan to build Black Ivan with the bulkier classic Destroyer model. So all the parts are there and the Executioner Axe is already removed. Next step is to clean and glue the parts. I will post updates of the progress.

Heavy Coach as a Birthday Present

So this was one of my birthday presents I got two weeks ago. Now I’m pondering how to remove this absurdly big burr on the chassis (the plate on the bottom side). As the toxicity of resin dust is stated everywhere I don’t want to saw or grind it away. Does anyone know if cutting resin with a common sharp knife is possible?