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Question: How to fill 2 pts in Harkevich Tier list

Going to play a game of Warmachine this evening and will play a Harkevich tier4 list. Currently the list looks like this:

  • Harkevich, Black Ivan, Decimtaor, Berserker
  • full Winterguard Infantry, UA, Kovnik Joe
  • Mortar, Fieldgun

At this, two points are still left to spend. So what to take? I could add some Mechanics for ‘jack support, Widowmaker Marksman for sniping single targets or 2 Rocketeers, for example. Enemies I’ll face are most probably Cryx and Mercenaries(Damiano) in a 3 player FFA.

Any suggestions?


Building a Carver Tier 4 List on 35 Points

"Me only needs my Farrow to win!"

After trying out Dr Arkadius’ theme list on tier 4 I want to build a tier 4 list for Lord Carver for the 35 points level. Let’s have a look on the requirements and benefits of every tier and comparethe list to the Thornfall Alliance pact. I am going to fulfill each requirement before adding some extra models with the remaining points.

Tier 1:

Requires only Farrows in the army – well, that’s not a problem at all. Brigands’ FA is set to U and only one of  unit of Brigands or Razorback gains AD. That’s not that good compared to a pact list but can be sufficient on smaller point levels like 35 points.

Tier 2:

Army includes Rorsh and Brine – that’s fine with me. I really like these guys. First benefit, pathfinder during first turn, is great. The second benefit on the other hand is quite difficult to get into a 35 points list. So at first I will only put Rorsh and Brine into this list and wait for some four points left for a Gunboar in Rorsh’ battlegroup.

Tier 3: Read the rest of this entry