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Alten Ashley and Saxon Orrik – finished

Honestly, I should call this project Solo Painting Month instead of Solo Painting Week. There is not enough spare time for painting at the moment. Nevertheless two of the three solos are finished as you can see in the picture below.


Slower than planned, but with progress to illustrate

The Solo Painting Week will actually take longer than just one week. There is not enough spare time at the moment for painting. Nevertheless there is some progress to show. Both Minions have their basic colours done and only some washes and basework left. The Marksman will need some more effort to be completed.

Solo Painting Week – Visible Progress

I’ve made some visible progress since the last post two days ago. The basic colours on Saxon Orrik and Alten Ashley are almost done. The Marksman takes a bit longer with the more sophisticated painting approach on my Khador models.


Project Solo Painting Week Started

Started a little later than I wished to but last week and the weekend were to busy and my Black Ivan conversion took longer to finish than expected.

I just realized how similar the three solos are. All carry a rifle and wear some sort of mantle. I will try to give them each a distinctive colour scheme (the Marksman will fit my other Widowmakers). Alten will wear different shades of brown and grey while Saxon Orrik will get a scheme similar to the PP studio scheme. Here is a pic of the progress made yesterday and this evening. It’s interesting to see how painting white eyes with black pupils gives the faces a lot more character.

Full Metal Black Ivan – Finished

Here it is, the outcome of the full metal Black Ivan conversion project. This conversion is based on the classic destroyer chassis instead of the plastic kit. I’m quite happy with the result. Take a look at the front and back picture of the finished ‘jack. Below I added a third picture comparing Black Ivan with a classic Destroyer. The Destroyer is also the first ‘jack I painted about 5 years ago. You probably can spot some progress in painting quality.

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Polling Booth is Closed – Let’s Get Started

Here are the final results of the poll for which models to paint in the Solo Painting Week. Saxon Orrik and Alten Ashley share the first while the Widowmaker Marksman and Kovnik Joe share the second place. So there is still a tie which Khador model to paint. I decided to let my 2.5 years old daughter choose the third model and she picked the Marksman (good choice, already base-coated, less to do).

So during this week  I will paint:

  • Alten Ashley
  • Saxon Orrik
  • Widowmaker Marksman

The full metal Black Ivan is almost finished so I can start this or the next evening. Don’t expect pictures of the ‘jack before Friday as I need some daylight after work to make nice pictures of it. I will post evening progress update pictures of the solos during the week.