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First Game with Slaughterhousers and Targ

"What a mess!"

Played a game of Warmachine/Hordes after some months only playing Firestorm Armada. I wanted to test my Slaughterhousers and Targ which haven’t been on the battlefield before. The Slaughterhousers were an epic fail, dying in the first two rounds by massive Cryx spells and shooting and doing nothing else. Targ was rather useful with his Auxillary Attack on my Gunboar. Actually the list I (mainly, 2 on 2 game) faced was pretty tough with eSkarre, Deathjack, full Revenant Crew and stuff. In the end I lost by caster kill without doing that much damage even with Lord Carver’s feat.


Slaughterhousers – Reviewing my prediction

After seeing the first pictures of the new Slaughterhousers I made a post about some predictions how their rules could be. I still don’t own the models even if I had my hands on the box at my LGS. But actually I’m in a self-inflicted buying break until my birthday in June.

So I had a look at Spud’s unboxing over at Lost Hemisphere regarding the Slaughterhousers’ rules. Let’s check how close my prediction has been:

  • I guessed they will have reach and maybe weaponmaster. Reach was right but instead of weaponmaster they will get an extra die against damaged targets. More situational than weaponmaster but still a great thing to have.
  • My second guess, defensive stats and Tough, was totally right. Yeah!
  • Speed seems also to be as guessed. A little bit on the slow side like almost all Farrows.
  • Last guess was some special rules, maybe Relentless Charge. Actually their rules seem to be even more special. No Tough roll for enemies – situational again but nevertheless great and quite fitting into their theme.

As you can see, I was quite close with my prediction. That makes me really happy as the Slaughterhousers are what I’ve been missing for the Farrows until now. So I’m eagerly waiting for June to get my hands on them.

Slaughterhousers – What to expect?

Maybe I am a little late with this post, but finally there is a preview of the Farrow Slaughterhousers at PP’s site. I really was waiting for some melee support for my Farrows and it looks like there it is.

"Cut them into small pieces!"

So here are some rulewise assumptions based on the pictures and text of the Slaughterhousers:

  • they most probably will have reach with their weapons; weaponmaster also seems likely
  • they are described as quite tough, so stats of DEF 12 (as all Farrow warriors) and ARM 15 (a little higher than average) are probable; tough and/or some ARM buff could be appropriate
  • I guess there SPD will be an average 5 for Farrows
  • some Farrow-like special rule would fit quite well; maybe relentless charge would come in handy

So these are all just pure speculations and perhaps I’m absolutely wrong. Let’s see what time will reveal.

My Child Is Abducting My Miniatures

The title is a bit exaggerated as it was only one miniature missing. Here is the story:

O torso where are thou?

Before one of the last gaming evenings I was looking for the miniatures I needed for my list. I have one magnetized Khador heavy plastic kit that is still unpainted and stored in a drawer with the other unpainted models. So I took a look into the drawer where it should be waiting and there was just all the arms and heads in a box but no torso. Unfortunately I have shown my 1,5 years old daughter the content of this drawer some time ago. So after looking at the other places I store my miniatures I suspected my daughter to have picked up the torso from the unlocked drawer and put it at some strange place I couldn’t imagine. I started to look at some possible locations like below the couch or behind the locker. But still no sign of the torso. As my wife wasn’t available at that time, I couldn’t ask for any hints. So I already started to think about getting some substitute for the torso (without buying a new box set) like one of the old metal jacks.

As my wife was back again I asked her if she had any hints. Yes, she knew what happened: my daughter had picked up the torso and broke it apart (base, legs, body separated). So my wife just hid it to glue it together at the next opportunity without getting to my attention. Obviously that opportunity came to late.

So here is a question to you readers who also have children. How do you secure your miniatures. I have a lockable display cabinet for the painted ones but thought it is enough to store the unpainted ones in an unlocked drawer. Evidently it’s not.

First Game Doc Arkadius

This week I played my first game with Doc Arkadius and his massive pigs. List was a tier 4 list with 3 Warhogs, 1 Gunboar, full Brigands, full Bone Carvers and a Razorback crew. The list was one point short as I didn’t like to use two proxy models. Next game I would change to two min units Carvers to have an additional chance to extend Arkadius’ spell range. The game was against MacBain with 1 Mangler, 1 Mule, 1 Nomad, full Halberdiers, Ogrun Bokur, Gorman, Rhupert, Stanis and Hawk.

As I expected, Arkadius is quite difficult to play. Especially timing is a big issue. There is almost no chance to speed up your Beasts in the midgame except with his feat which is difficult to use at the right time. So I ended up feeding one of the Warhogs to a Failsave Mangler and countercharging with only one P+S 20 pig that couldn’t destroy him. I should have used Arkadius’ feat at that time but wanted to wait for some obscure reason.

What is quite difficult with Arkadius is to use crippling grasp. You have to get quite close to the enemy even with extended range which is not a good plan for this ‘lock. At least Arkadius usually doesn’t has to worry about fury during the game which is great.

I also miss the CRA on the Brigands with Lord Carver. With Arkadius they do have a lot difficulties to hit targets like Steelhead Halberdiers.

In the end I lost this game with almost my whole army destroyed. Didn’t make much trouble in exchange. So next game has to become better.

New Guy in Piggie-Town

Here comes Dr. Arkadius!

Finished to assemble him today, now he is ready to get painted. I am still not quite sure how I like his rules. He seems to be a decent beastmaster. Especially his feat can leave a big mess on the battlefield if used at the right time. Also his spells provide a nice toolbox enhancing his Warbeasts and weakening the opponent. But his melee attack feels very situational if not useless in most of the games. One wound models will just die, if hit with Arkadius low MAT, and the effects won’t make any difference. I only see some use in charging a living multiwound model at the right time two make use of Anesthesia or Mind Control or charge an unaware enemy caster/lock to use Brain Damage.

This is a 35 points Tier 4 list I will probably give a try soon:

Dr. Arkadius     +6

3 Warhogs     21

2 Gun Boars  10

Min Brigands          5

Full Bone Grinders 3

Min Bone Grinders 2

There are a lot beasts, as Arkadius is a Warbeast focused ‘lock. The Bone Grinders can give him additional spell range and some meatshield which can be helpful to keep Arkadius alive. The Brigands will probably mainly attack units under Crippling Grasp as they are lacking Carvers CRA. I hope the new Minion book will provide some different Farrow Warbeasts to get some variety.