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Harkevich Tier4 – The Outcome

I played the Harkevich Tier4 list as described here two days ago. The 2 points filler were two Winterguad Rocketeers. Match up was a 3 player free for all with a hold center scenario. My friends played the Witch coven with some Bonejacks, full Sartyx Witches,full  Soulhunters with Darragh and some solos, as well as Damiano with his Steelhead crew. The game was a lot of fun with Damiano going down to one box and Harkevich to four before the game ended.

The two Rocketeers weren’t that succesful and I think next time I would rather  take a Widowmaker Marksman instead.


Question: How to fill 2 pts in Harkevich Tier list

Going to play a game of Warmachine this evening and will play a Harkevich tier4 list. Currently the list looks like this:

  • Harkevich, Black Ivan, Decimtaor, Berserker
  • full Winterguard Infantry, UA, Kovnik Joe
  • Mortar, Fieldgun

At this, two points are still left to spend. So what to take? I could add some Mechanics for ‘jack support, Widowmaker Marksman for sniping single targets or 2 Rocketeers, for example. Enemies I’ll face are most probably Cryx and Mercenaries(Damiano) in a 3 player FFA.

Any suggestions?

Five player mayhem

Last week we had a very nice gaming evening at my living room. Unfortunately we were five player, which in first place led to trying out hexagonal gaming board for three players. The other two played a one on one match on my common gaming table.

The hexagonal board, that is originally the base plate of my daughter’s playpen, was a little bit small in size, so we decided to play a three player free for all with 15 points and mangled metal / tooth and claw rules. I played standard piggie battlegroup (Carver, 2 Warhogs, 1 Gunboar) and the game went really fast. The other two players fielded eStryker with a Stormclad and Ol’ Rowdy and Magnus with a Renegade, a Mule and a Mangler.

Simultaneously there was a battle Circle versus Cryx going on on the other table. This 35 points sized battle also was quite short, so we decided to play something funny after that first gaming round. So we all sat around the common square board, which was thick with terrain, and everyone, including our one spectator, placed a token somewhere on the table but at least 12” apart from another token. After that we rolled dice to figure out the starting order and the players chose one of the token to place there 15 points Battlegroup within 3” of it. This game was so much chaotic and fun that we are going to repeat it once it happens to be five players again.

Let me give you an impression of the games in the pictures below.

3 player game after round one

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Vindictus vs Magnus vs Old Witch

Played a 3 player FFA game yesterday with a custom scenario. There were three control areas, as can be seen on the pictures, and the winner had to control both enemy areas at once at the end of his turn (common control rules apply). Alternative condition was to have the only remaining caster to win.
My friends played Menoth and Four Star and I played Khador as usual.
Here is a shot of the deployed models followed by the lists.
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That was close: 3 player free for all

I had not planned to post a battle report about the game two days ago before it started, but am very happy I decided otherwise and took some pics. This was one of the best games I had in a long time.

We played a three player 35pts free for all at my place with some self designed scenario. That is two have at least one not fleeing nor wrecked, wild or inert model completely within a 16” diameter in the middle of the battlefield at the end of your own turn to not immediately lose the game. This condition starts with the 2nd round and the last player with a caster in play wins the game. This kind of scenario proved extremely helpful in free for all or team games to prevent the game scattering in separated 1 vs 1 games.

The lists were as following:

Khador (me):

Kommander Orsus Zoktavir
* Beast-09
* Devastator
* War dog
Doom Reavers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Man-o-war Demolition Corps (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Yuri the Axe


Lich Lord Terminus
* Nightmare
* Reaper
* Skarlock Thrall
Revenant Crew (Leader and 9 Grunts)
The Withershadow Combine
3 Scrap Thrall
Captain Rengrave
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall
Warwitch Siren


Gorten Grundback
* Grundback Gunner
* Grundback Gunner
Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps (Leader and 9 Grunts)
Horgenhold Forge Guard (Leader and 9 Grunts)
Brun Cragback & Lug
Ogrun Bokur
Thor Steinhammer
* Ghordson Driller

I got the first turn with Cryx next. Initially I took my Demos on the left and the Doomies on the right side, but after my Demo Corps getting under heavy fire by the Gunners and the Doom Reavers threatened by Scrap Thralls I Changed my strategy and let these units switch sides during the second round. Here is what it looked like at the end of my second turn:

At the end of the second round everyone had fulfilled the condition of the scenario and the game started to get really interesting 😉 :

I could see a chance to get Terminus with collecting a lot of Rage Token on my way. So it was time for Orsus to feat. This gave me 9 Rage Token and Orsus managed to shot one zombiepirate to give his ‘jacks +2” movement. With the charge lane cleared by the Devastator and the Demo Corps Beast 09 with 3 Focus could charge Terminus. Unfortunately After that charge Terminus had 6 wounds left but was stationary. I used 3 Rage Token on Beast, two on the Manhunter and two on two Demos. The outcome was that Terminus was still standing with 1 wound left! That was not my plan.

Now for the Cryxian revenge: The reaper could catch Orsus to drag him to a place were Terminus could land and finish him off with two strikes. So after that and some tactical movement Cryx stoud like that, with Terminus’ back to the Dwarves 😉 :

But with using his feat that round and an armor of 26 (I think) and a lot of models to transfer damage to there was only few chance for the Dwarves to win the game. So a combination of effective moves was needed.. and done. The bear charged Terminus, didn’t do any damage but made a throw with his chain attack to a spot with few of his folks to transfer. Then Gorten landslided him so far that there was no chance left to transfer and finished him off.

You see: what a great game! The short ones obviously won.