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Battle Report: eFeora vs Witch Coven

For some variety I played a game with my wife’s few Protectorate models this week against a friend’s Cryx. My list was:

  • eFeora, Vanquisher, Revenger, Repenter, Devout, Daughters of the Flame, min Temple Flameguard with UA, full Choir, Vassal, Rhupert

I had some concerns about dealing with heavy armoured targets like the Deathjack, not knowing what my opponent would field. The list he brought was:

  • Witch Coven, Deathripper, Nightwretch, Scavenger, Stalker, full Blood Witches + UA, full Soulhunters, Darragh, Scrap Thralls, Warwitch Siren

That’s a tier 2 list so the Soulhunters started with one token. I was quiet relieved that this list lacked the heavy targets. Here are some impressions of the game with comments on what was happening:

This picture shows the beginning of round 2 with the Protectorate starting. I already took out one Soulhunter on the hill with a shot of the Vanquisher. My Daughters of the Flame were trying to sneak around the left flank which is just outside the bottom of this picture. This plan is threatened by two Scrap Thralls, one can be seen in the ruins. Read the rest of this entry


Harkevich Tier4 – The Outcome

I played the Harkevich Tier4 list as described here two days ago. The 2 points filler were two Winterguad Rocketeers. Match up was a 3 player free for all with a hold center scenario. My friends played the Witch coven with some Bonejacks, full Sartyx Witches,fullĀ  Soulhunters with Darragh and some solos, as well as Damiano with his Steelhead crew. The game was a lot of fun with Damiano going down to one box and Harkevich to four before the game ended.

The two Rocketeers weren’t that succesful and I think next time I would ratherĀ  take a Widowmaker Marksman instead.

First Game with Slaughterhousers and Targ

"What a mess!"

Played a game of Warmachine/Hordes after some months only playing Firestorm Armada. I wanted to test my Slaughterhousers and Targ which haven’t been on the battlefield before. The Slaughterhousers were an epic fail, dying in the first two rounds by massive Cryx spells and shooting and doing nothing else. Targ was rather useful with his Auxillary Attack on my Gunboar. Actually the list I (mainly, 2 on 2 game) faced was pretty tough with eSkarre, Deathjack, full Revenant Crew and stuff. In the end I lost by caster kill without doing that much damage even with Lord Carver’s feat.

eVlad vs pAsphy – League Game (with Pictures)

At the moment our local gaming group is running a small casual league. Everyone can make one game against each other player using steamroller 2011 scenarios. We are using bonding rules. If there comes a longer league break with no games the league will be stopped and a final free for all game with the best three or four players will be held to declare the overall winner.

In this context I had a second 35 points league game this week against Cryx with Asphyxious. I played eVlad, 1 Destroyer (first game survived with eVlad), 1 Spriggan, Wardog, Doom Reavers + UA, min Assault Kommandos + 1 WA, Drakhun and Manhunter. My opponent played Asphyxious, Cankerworm, 2 Deathripper, Nightmare, Skarlock, max Bloodgorgers, Slaughterborn and the Withershadow Combine. The Scenario was Closed Quarters.

Here comes a picture after first round’s positioning:

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Five player mayhem

Last week we had a very nice gaming evening at my living room. Unfortunately we were five player, which in first place led to trying out hexagonal gaming board for three players. The other two played a one on one match on my common gaming table.

The hexagonal board, that is originally the base plate of my daughter’s playpen, was a little bit small in size, so we decided to play a three player free for all with 15 points and mangled metal / tooth and claw rules. I played standard piggie battlegroup (Carver, 2 Warhogs, 1 Gunboar) and the game went really fast. The other two players fielded eStryker with a Stormclad and Ol’ Rowdy and Magnus with a Renegade, a Mule and a Mangler.

Simultaneously there was a battle Circle versus Cryx going on on the other table. This 35 points sized battle also was quite short, so we decided to play something funny after that first gaming round. So we all sat around the common square board, which was thick with terrain, and everyone, including our one spectator, placed a token somewhere on the table but at least 12” apart from another token. After that we rolled dice to figure out the starting order and the players chose one of the token to place there 15 points Battlegroup within 3” of it. This game was so much chaotic and fun that we are going to repeat it once it happens to be five players again.

Let me give you an impression of the games in the pictures below.

3 player game after round one

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Sorsha vs Deneghra – Pigs included

Not a typo, there are some pigs but also some pics in this post. I played a game against my friend’s Cryx today and tested the brand new piggies. I also used the standard battle box battle group, which I haven’t played for some time in any of my lists. So here is what was put on the table:

Kommander Sorscha
* Destroyer
* Juggernaut
Widowmakers (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Winter Guard Infantry (Leader and 6 Grunts)
Winter Guard Infantry Officer & Standard
Winter Guard Mortar Crew (Leader and Grunt)
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich
Rorsh & Brine


Warwitch Deneghra
* Deathripper
* Deathripper
* Nightmare
* Reaper
Bile Thralls (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Mechanithralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
Necrosurgeon & 3 Stitch Thralls
Revenant Cannon Crew

I decided to go second trying to get some shots in first turn. And it worked. Took out six or seven of the Mechanithralls with the Destroyer and Winterguard. Nightmare choosed the Juggernaut as prey, btw.

Here is what it looks like after the first round:

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