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[Poll] A tie – Now with a group shot to visualize the options

At the time writing this, there is a tie in the poll for my next project, the Solo Week. Four of the six options have the same number of votes. I really would appreciate having some more votes to decide which three of the models to paint next week. To help choosing I made a group shot of the six models to vote for.


From left to tight: Orrik, Targ, Kovnik Joe, Marksman,Vassal, Alten


Poll for next project – Solo painting week

I plan to finish my full-metal Black Ivan this week and would like to paint some small stuff next. Looking at my collection, there are some small-based solos still waiting for paint. I will try to paint three during the next week but am not sure which ones to choose. So here is a poll for you, dear readers, to choose which to paint within the solo painting week (choose up to three out of these 6).

First Game with Slaughterhousers and Targ

"What a mess!"

Played a game of Warmachine/Hordes after some months only playing Firestorm Armada. I wanted to test my Slaughterhousers and Targ which haven’t been on the battlefield before. The Slaughterhousers were an epic fail, dying in the first two rounds by massive Cryx spells and shooting and doing nothing else. Targ was rather useful with his Auxillary Attack on my Gunboar. Actually the list I (mainly, 2 on 2 game) faced was pretty tough with eSkarre, Deathjack, full Revenant Crew and stuff. In the end I lost by caster kill without doing that much damage even with Lord Carver’s feat.

These pigs should think about giving up

Accidentally I placed the primed Daughters of the Flame in a quite a fitting way besides some unfinished Farrow Brigands on my desk. Looks like the piggies are going to lose this fight. Unfortunately this scene happened over a week ago and my desk still looks the same. Hope I can find some time to make further progress soon, as I really are curious how the Daughters turn out with my wife’s painting scheme.

Slaughterhousers – Reviewing my prediction

After seeing the first pictures of the new Slaughterhousers I made a post about some predictions how their rules could be. I still don’t own the models even if I had my hands on the box at my LGS. But actually I’m in a self-inflicted buying break until my birthday in June.

So I had a look at Spud’s unboxing over at Lost Hemisphere regarding the Slaughterhousers’ rules. Let’s check how close my prediction has been:

  • I guessed they will have reach and maybe weaponmaster. Reach was right but instead of weaponmaster they will get an extra die against damaged targets. More situational than weaponmaster but still a great thing to have.
  • My second guess, defensive stats and Tough, was totally right. Yeah!
  • Speed seems also to be as guessed. A little bit on the slow side like almost all Farrows.
  • Last guess was some special rules, maybe Relentless Charge. Actually their rules seem to be even more special. No Tough roll for enemies – situational again but nevertheless great and quite fitting into their theme.

As you can see, I was quite close with my prediction. That makes me really happy as the Slaughterhousers are what I’ve been missing for the Farrows until now. So I’m eagerly waiting for June to get my hands on them.

Lord Carver vs Magnus – Hellhole scenario

Last sunday I had the opportunity to play a scenario I have been eager to play since I first read its rules. It’s the Hellhole scenario from PP’s 2009 Call to Arms league which can be found here. This scenario is about a growing sinkhole in the middle of the battlefield. You can win the scenario by getting into the opponent’s half without letting him into yours.

I played a Lord Carver tier 4 list and my opponent went with Magnus Four Star. Here are the lists (35 points):

  • Lord Carver, 2 Warhogs, Gunboar, Rorsh and Brine, 2 min units of Brigands, Razorback crew
  • Magnus, Mangler, Nomad, Renegade, full Halberdiers, min Steelhead Riflemen, Rhupert, Hawk, Gorman, Stannis

I started the game. Here are some battlefield impressions with a short report in the captions:

My set up. At this time indecisive about leading my battlegroup left or right side around the sinkhole that is marked with stones.

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