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Polling Booth is Closed – Let’s Get Started

Here are the final results of the poll for which models to paint in the Solo Painting Week. Saxon Orrik and Alten Ashley share the first while the Widowmaker Marksman and Kovnik Joe share the second place. So there is still a tie which Khador model to paint. I decided to let my 2.5 years old daughter choose the third model and she picked the Marksman (good choice, already base-coated, less to do).

So during this week  I will paint:

  • Alten Ashley
  • Saxon Orrik
  • Widowmaker Marksman

The full metal Black Ivan is almost finished so I can start this or the next evening. Don’t expect pictures of the ‘jack before Friday as I need some daylight after work to make nice pictures of it. I will post evening progress update pictures of the solos during the week.


Poll for next project – Solo painting week

I plan to finish my full-metal Black Ivan this week and would like to paint some small stuff next. Looking at my collection, there are some small-based solos still waiting for paint. I will try to paint three during the next week but am not sure which ones to choose. So here is a poll for you, dear readers, to choose which to paint within the solo painting week (choose up to three out of these 6).