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Battle Report: eFeora vs Witch Coven

For some variety I played a game with my wife’s few Protectorate models this week against a friend’s Cryx. My list was:

  • eFeora, Vanquisher, Revenger, Repenter, Devout, Daughters of the Flame, min Temple Flameguard with UA, full Choir, Vassal, Rhupert

I had some concerns about dealing with heavy armoured targets like the Deathjack, not knowing what my opponent would field. The list he brought was:

  • Witch Coven, Deathripper, Nightwretch, Scavenger, Stalker, full Blood Witches + UA, full Soulhunters, Darragh, Scrap Thralls, Warwitch Siren

That’s a tier 2 list so the Soulhunters started with one token. I was quiet relieved that this list lacked the heavy targets. Here are some impressions of the game with comments on what was happening:

This picture shows the beginning of round 2 with the Protectorate starting. I already took out one Soulhunter on the hill with a shot of the Vanquisher. My Daughters of the Flame were trying to sneak around the left flank which is just outside the bottom of this picture. This plan is threatened by two Scrap Thralls, one can be seen in the ruins. Read the rest of this entry


[Poll] A tie – Now with a group shot to visualize the options

At the time writing this, there is a tie in the poll for my next project, the Solo Week. Four of the six options have the same number of votes. I really would appreciate having some more votes to decide which three of the models to paint next week. To help choosing I made a group shot of the six models to vote for.


From left to tight: Orrik, Targ, Kovnik Joe, Marksman,Vassal, Alten

Poll for next project – Solo painting week

I plan to finish my full-metal Black Ivan this week and would like to paint some small stuff next. Looking at my collection, there are some small-based solos still waiting for paint. I will try to paint three during the next week but am not sure which ones to choose. So here is a poll for you, dear readers, to choose which to paint within the solo painting week (choose up to three out of these 6).

Daughters of the Flame – Colour Test

Just a quick test of the colour scheme on one of the Daughters of the Flame. The scheme is quite close to the PP studio layout. Instead of two different colours for the metal part there is only one and the studio red/magenta is substituted with turquoise.

Maybe there is not enough contrast between metal and white parts but the dark wash on the metal parts will improve that issue. Nevertheless I am thinking about adding more turquoise, especially to spaces between silver and white parts. What do you think?

These pigs should think about giving up

Accidentally I placed the primed Daughters of the Flame in a quite a fitting way besides some unfinished Farrow Brigands on my desk. Looks like the piggies are going to lose this fight. Unfortunately this scene happened over a week ago and my desk still looks the same. Hope I can find some time to make further progress soon, as I really are curious how the Daughters turn out with my wife’s painting scheme.

Classic Feora

Finished the classic Feora for my wife’s Protectorate. Very quick paintjob. Actually it looks like I will have to clean up all the Protectorate stuff again after finishing it. The speed painting can be quite messy at some spots.