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Short report: Steamroller tournament

Played in a small Steamroller event at my LGS yesterday. It was 8 players with 35 pts lists. Overall it was a real fun event. I had three games of bad luck and stupid mistakes of mine, but even finishing last I could leave with a big grin.

First game was Overrun against Trolls with eMadrak, 5 Long riders, 3 Champions, 2 Pyre Trolls, some other stuff and 10 Pyg Burrowers out of hell! I played Vlad with Beast 09, a Destroyer, some Greylords, 3 Demos, Mortar and a Drakhun. In the second round the Pygmies alone destroyed both of my heavy Warjacks completely. It was a mix of really good dice of my opponent and me totally underestimating the spell and animus pumped Pygmies in MkII. Even after that, I could stand for some more rounds, killing all the Longriders and Pygmies but with no chance to win this Scenario any more. In the end Vlad was killed in the control zone before time ran out. Read the rest of this entry


Kommander Orsus vs Steamroller – running out of time

My local gaming group will have a tournament at the end of april and the Steamroller rule set will be used. I’m going to tell you some of my thoughts about the round time limit, as I ran into big problems with it playing eButcher this week.

Principally I think using a time limit for game rounds and the game in whole during a tournament is great. It increases fairness and speeds up playing (and as a Khador player I’m often at the low-end of model count 😉 ).  The negative side is, that there are some lists that won’t properly work due to the time limit. The point size for our tournament will be 35 points. I planned to play a brutal eButcher lists with Demo Corps and Doom Reavers. But testing the lists against my friend’s Cryx and eAsphyxious and taking a look at the clock to see how much time we would need, I figured out a huge downside of my list’s concept.

The 10 min time limit works well for the first rounds, but if you’re going to use eButchers feat, the maximum of 15 minutes aren’t probably enough. The better you use his feat, the more time you will consume, as you will make a lot of melee attacks in first place and then have hell a lot of extra attacks and movement at the end of your turn. So effectively you will be penalized by playing a good feat round. In this game I had to use 20 minutes instead of the one-time-maximum of 15, so in tournament I couldn’t have used the many rage tokens (9 in this case).

My Cryxian opponent faced similar problems by having a full unit of bane knights. They’re consuming a lot of time if their Vengeance rule applies.

So I’m probably not going to play some list with Kommander Orsus Zoktavir as the ‘caster. Actually I’m rather thinking about taking Karchev (few models), and the recently bought Oleg Strakhov after making some test games.