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Slower than planned, but with progress to illustrate

The Solo Painting Week will actually take longer than just one week. There is not enough spare time at the moment for painting. Nevertheless there is some progress to show. Both Minions have their basic colours done and only some washes and basework left. The Marksman will need some more effort to be completed.


Solo Painting Week – Visible Progress

I’ve made some visible progress since the last post two days ago. The basic colours on Saxon Orrik and Alten Ashley are almost done. The Marksman takes a bit longer with the more sophisticated painting approach on my Khador models.


Project Solo Painting Week Started

Started a little later than I wished to but last week and the weekend were to busy and my Black Ivan conversion took longer to finish than expected.

I just realized how similar the three solos are. All carry a rifle and wear some sort of mantle. I will try to give them each a distinctive colour scheme (the Marksman will fit my other Widowmakers). Alten will wear different shades of brown and grey while Saxon Orrik will get a scheme similar to the PP studio scheme. Here is a pic of the progress made yesterday and this evening. It’s interesting to see how painting white eyes with black pupils gives the faces a lot more character.

Full Metal Ivan – Part 5: Closer to the Colour Scheme

Another update of my progress on the full metal Black Ivan. Not as much progress as I would like to have. Christmas events have been stealing a lot of time recently. I hope painting progress will be faster next year. At least I’m getting closer to the final colour scheme.

Full Metal Ivan – Part 4: First Colour

Plain black on this ‘jack would be a little boring. So here are the first colours. Legs are almost finished. Still a lot to paint.

Gun Carriage – Finally Assembled

After having this thing mainly in his box unassembled the last months, I found the time to glue it together. This is a really impressive model and quite heavy even with all the resin. Painting it probably will give me some cramps. The second picture shows my solution for getting to difficult to reach spots for painting while enabling early playability with the model on its base. (Click images for bigger versions)